Zhejiang auto parts makers resistance Limited (formerly Zhejiang Yuhuan County car standard parts Plant No. 2) Kailing Corporation is a subset of company, founded in 1983, is located in the east coast Yuhuan County Doumen Industrial Zone. Factories have fixed assets of 30 million yuan, 220 existing equipment in Taiwan, the output value of 40 million yuan years. Factory engine, the car bolt, nut and other non-standard fasteners and fastening, such as parts spoke. Beijing mainly to a Daimler Benz.] Chrysler Motors Limited (Beijing Jeep Motors Limited), Chongqing Cummins Engine Company, Chongqing Hongyan Automobile Limited (Sichuan Automobile Works) Nanjing IVECO Motors Corporation, a new security-Asian Studies and velocity matching, the export of certain products Europe and the United States and other countries.

         Factories strong technical force, advanced processing equipment, sound detection devices. With fatigue testing machine, universal testing machine, microscope, micro-hardness, tools, microscopes, roundness NG, salt spray test machine, with considerable physical and chemical detection analysis, allocation of resources to meet domestic factories to achieve the demand. Factories established ERP warehouse management system, management orderly.

         Plant leadership has always attached importance to the quality of their products and to promote "the quality front, industry show "Brand, plant 20 years to gradually establish and perfect a set of more comprehensive quality management system. "Products of high quality, prompt delivery, and service in place" in the mainframe units by the unanimous praise, credibility is constantly being improved, cooperation has been constantly strengthened.

         The plant operates a people-oriented, technology development, high quality and interactive win-win principle, is willing to work with China interested in the engine and automobile industries, the people from all walks of life, people of where they work together for the promotion and revitalization of the development of China's automobile industry has made outstanding contributions.